For any additional inquiries please call or submit a contact request.
How do I reserve a Party Express Bus Nebraska Bus?

A: Call to reserve (402)-960-2090. A credit card must be used for deposit.. As such reservations can not be made over email due to credit card security.
How far in advance do I need to reserve a Party Express Bus Nebraska Bus?

A: You need to contact us as soon as possible to reserve a bus. All buses are first come first served. A deposit of 1 hour charge must be on file and contract signed to lock in your bus.
Where will Party Express Bus Nebraska pick me up?

A: Wherever you want to be picked up, house or a place of business, as long as the bus will fit. We prefer to pickup at a home or hotel so no one drives after their party!
How Far will Party Express Bus Nebraska travel outside of the Omaha area?

A: 75 miles across Nebraska. We cannot leave the state of Nebraska at all due to insurance reasons. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR ANYONE!!!
Can we bring our own music on the Party Express Bus Nebraska Bus?

A: Yes, most drivers have some party music but it is always best to bring an ipod or phone with your music on it.
At what point does my reservation begin?

A: Once a deposit is made you are locked in for date and time requested. Your time starts at your requested start time such as 10-2am your time starts at 10. Any changes to your requested time and pickup location must be made no later than the day before. If the driver shows at the time we have and your not ready, your time has started.
What is s Party Express Bus Nebraska's cancellation fee?

A: The deposit you put down will be forfeited. If the party bus run is cancelled within two weeks of the date booked a $200 cancellation fee plus your deposit will be forfeited and enforced. If the party bus run is cancelled on the week booked your credit card will be charged the full amount owed.
Is alcohol allowed on the Party Express Nebraska Bus?

A : Yes , you can bring your coolers with your favorite drink. You may bring glass on our bus however you will be responsible for any breakage that may occur. We cannot supply anything that allows people to consume any alcohol such as ice, cups etc.
Is smoking allowed on the Party Express Nebraska Bus?

A:No, Currently all of our buses are non-smoking.
Is there a minimum age for the Party Express Nebraska Bus?

A: There is no minimum age to ride the bus, however you must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol. If a driver feels there is a minor they may ask for id and if a minor is drinking we may end the run without refund!
Do you offer services for people under 21?

A: We will cater to anyone but you must be 19 years or older to rent and sign a contract or have a responsible party sign for it and must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol.
Is there a cleaning fee for Party Express Bus Nebraska?

A: We do not have a mandatory cleaning fee, however, we do charge a minimum cleaning fee of $100 and up if there is an issue with the bus not being properly picked up at the end of the run.
Do we need to tip the driver?

A 20% gratuity is suggested and may be added to your quote.
What will it cost me if I stay on the Party Express Nebraska Bus longer than I expected?

A: Depends on how long your party runs over, exceptions can be made at owners discretion.
What responsibilities do I have on the party bus?

A: The person that signs the contract for the bus is responsible for anything that happens on the bus such as minors drinking, damages, clean up, etc. Any fighting on any bus will result in an immediate cancellation of the run without refund and depending on the siuation police may be called to ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers and the bus! This policy will be strictly enforced on every party bus run.

Cancellation Policy

 We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone! We also reserve the right to cancel any run during any trip do to an unruly group or any violation of our company policy without any refunds for any remaining time! We also reserve the right to cancel due to weather and or vehicle issues out of our control! At times we may need to switch buses do to things out of our control and we make every effort to update the customer of any changes.